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Wardrobe Wakeup  

Love everything in your closet. You are going to love going to your closet and picking out what to wear in a couple of minutes because you know what is there fits your personal style and shape. You will experience a feeling of relief because you have pieces in your wardrobe that work for you. You will experience a feeling of confidence as we uncover your personal style. You will learn so much about yourself and what works for your body shape. You will feel so confident in knowing your closet is full of clothes you will wear as you reflect your inner-style. And, you are going to love the compliments you get from others!

You will love the photos taken as we build outfits from your very own closet. You can use these as a reference every time you dress. Your session includes:

  • Personalized style consultation to find out your personal style based on your unique personality

  • Expert advice on where to shop and what to shop for based on your personal style and shape

  • A simple to use closet checklist for cleaning out your closet before I arrive and we get to work

  • A review of what is still in your closet once I arrive to get rid of anything else in your closet that
    does not work for
    your personal style and shape

  • A styling session as I create outfits from what is in your closet

  • Learning what works for you and why and learning what doesn’t work for you and why
    as you try on clothes

  • Time to ask me questions about your personal style and what to wear

  • Photos of your outfits for quick reference


My clients typically save hundreds of dollars by having outfits put together from their own closet.

BONUS: You will receive the Stunning & Stylish Workbook for your personal style ($97 value). You will want to have this valuable tool that you can use over and over again as you shop and dress for your personal style and shape. The workbook is a valuable resources so you KNOW:

  • what kinds of clothing pieces to buy

  • what kind of shoes work best for your personal style

  • what are the accessories that fit your personality

  • what stores to shop

  • what departments to shop

“I would recommend “shopping in your own closet” with Donna Gamache as one of the most cost-effective shopping trips you could ever make. Donna showed me how I could mix and match items, making the most of the clothing I already have.  She put together pieces I would never have thought of combining, and like a magician created a bunch of new ready-to-wear chic outfits from my only closet. Donna’s expertise and suggestions is truly a time saver."  – Janice Singer, Jewish Light Magazine