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Working with Donna makes for a one of a kind experience, an incredible one. She took time to get to know me and explained what my personal style analysis said about me. Donna also wanted to make sure she accommodated my thoughts about the pieces she picked for me. Donna’s vision came together so instantly and effortlessly. The outstanding items she choose and recommended made me look like a million bucks. I loved them and I received a ton of compliments. If you are thinking of taking your personal style to another level Donna is just the person to work with.”

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Donna is amazing. I always love to see before and after pictures of people that make dramatic changes for the better. She showed plenty of these and they were very impressive. Donna not only give great advice on how we should all dress, but it goes much deeper than that. She brings out personality traits from women who have suppressed their good traits and by helping them realize how spectacular they can be.  I so enjoyed Donna explaining the different personality comparisons and really received a lot of great information that I will definitely use in the future. Thanks so much, Donna for being who you are.


I had the opportunity recently to work with Donna Gamache on a much needed "closet refresh". She took plenty of time to ask the right questions, talk to me about my personal style based on the style analysis I filled out beforehand. She then put together quite a few outfits from clothes I had in my closet already. Many of which I would have never put together. She gave me little tips that would make a difference in my style based on my body type. She gave me a lot to think about. I feel much more confident in shopping for myself and not spending needlessly on items that don't fit my personal style. Thank you Donna for a lovely afternoon. Definitely worth the effort for me!!


What you taught me was a significant factor to my success. When I met you in 2008 my income with my business was $25,000.  You introduced to me the importance of dressing professionally based of my body type and personality. Frankly, this was an area of minimal importance to me.  When I took your teachings into consideration and practice I firmly believe that it became a significant variable to my current success.  I now speak with a new level of confidence and oh by the way my income has jumped 10X since this new practice.  Thank you so much for pouring into me this important knowledge.  Your insight helped me propel my business to a new level of success and beyond.  Here’s to Professional Success.