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Thyroid Blood Tests After Thyroidectomy

November 11, 2017

In preparation for my visit to the endocrinologist this month, I had blood tests done for my thyroid and calcium. Based on still running out of steam by the afternoon, I knew my numbers were off but I didn't expect this.


My endo said more than one time, your thyroid numbers are way off. My TSH came back at 30.6 uIU/mL. He wants it to be be around 3 uIU/mL (normal range is 0.358 - 3.740 uIU/mL) Ouch, no wonder I get tired. I am just so grateful for having any energy at all after seeing these numbers. Just so you have the whole picture and in case you are in this same situation, my others numbers were T3 Total 0.60 ng/mL (normal range is 0.70 - 1.90 ng/mL) and T4 Free 0.66 ng/dL (normal range is 0.65 - 1.34 ng/dL). 


God is so good to me. I know that my energy and strength come from Him!

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