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The Crazy Cost of Thyroid Cancer Treatment

November 12, 2017

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I had 2 Thyrogen shots to prepare my thyroid for the radioactive iodine which is meant to kill off any remaining thyroid after the surgery. Here is what I didn't know. 


Each one of those shots cost $6,000+. Yep, I got the bill last week and couldn't believe my eyes. And, the radioactive iodine pill (just one) was over $12,500. No wonder our health care system is so out of wack. And, here's the crazy part, out of the $24,000+ that was charged for the shots and pill, $16,500+ was discounted. I am so very grateful for that part but why would they charge so much just to write most of it off. Why not just charge the post-discounted amount to begin with? If anyone can explain that to me, please do. 


I am fortunate to be on Medicare and they paid around $6,400 of the combined bills. For that I am very grateful but it still leaves me with co-pays of over $1500. Why am I being so transparent? It would have been nice to know all of this before. It wouldn't have changed anything but it would have been nice to know what to expect since I did pay an estimated co-pay at the time of treatment. 


If you are experiencing the same thing and have commercial insurance, you can get assistance with paying your co-pay for the Thyrogen shots. Since I am on Medicare, there is no assistance. Here is the website and phone number in case you need them. www.thyrogen.com 888-497-6436

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