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After RAI treatment

September 22, 2017

Today, I am a free woman. Free to go where ever I wanted. Yipeee!!!


But, before that I needed to take time to thoroughly clean everything in the house, especially the bathroom I had been using. Wiping everything down including any supplement/vitamin bottles I had touched was important to my husband and me. It felt so good to clean and get rid of anything left over from the treatment.


Today, I needed to go get a full body scan. It usually happens one week after taking the radioactive iodine pill. Mine was done at the same place that I went to take the pill. This time, they had me lay down on the table under the scanning machine. I had my arms strapped to my side so they wouldn't dangle and the technician started the scan. 


This was not like a closed MRI scan. The piece of equipment that scanned ran over my body starting at my head and very, very slowly moving down to my toes. Once that was done, the technician came back and did three more scans. One of my head and neck, one of my chest and one of my abdomen and legs. It was an easy process and now the waiting began to find out what the results showed.


The great news is that I didn't have to wait long for the results. I was told they would have the results by later that day. It is so amazing to me how far medical technology has come. I am so grateful to God for creating the people who are smart enough to create these devices. 


My endocrinologist was out of the office that afternoon so I had to wait till Monday for the results. Again, I prayed to God for a good scan but also told Him that with His help I would accept whatever was ahead. 


By Monday afternoon, I had not heard from my endocrinologist and I wanted to know the results so I called and talked to his assistant. She said he had posted in my medical chart but no one had called me. Hmm...I would have preferred the call. Oh well, the fantastic news is that there was no sign of cancer any where else in my body. Praise God!


The not so great news is that I will have to have another RAI treatment done in about 6-12 months. From what I have read and been told, many patients who have thyroid cancer have to be treated more than once. I go see my endocrinologist this week to find out more. I am thankful that the dose will not be as much as the last one which should mean less time in quarantine. Not something I look forward to but I am also grateful for a way to rid my body of any cancer. Thank you God!

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