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RAI, Day 2

September 16, 2017

On day 2 of my RAI treatment, I experienced a very dry mouth and a thick tongue. There was also a funny taste in my mouth but at this point it was affecting my taste buds. I ate what I wanted with my husband doing the food preparation. I wasn't allowed to touch food to keep the radiation from getting into it. We used paper plates, plastic cups, and plastic forks, spoons and knives. When I was home alone and needed food, I wore gloves so that I did not touch anything. I also had my own trash can so that I threw everything I used away in it. I took that out each day so it didn't stay in the house. 


My other symptoms were a thick feeling in my throat and a little discomfort in my neck. It felt stiff. I had a heavy headache, too. You know the kind that makes your head feel like it weighs 100 pounds. I took 2 Tylenol and it relieved the pain. 


The great news is that I didn't feel really tired after not getting much sleep the night before and I slept very well on the 2nd day of my RAI treatment. I praise God for that. He is so good to me!

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