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Why did I need to be quarantined?

September 15, 2017

I think one of the strangest things about the RAI treatment is the quarantine but it is vitally important to protect your family members. The day before I took the RAI pill, I prepared our living spaces. I would take the living room, dining room, master bedroom and upstairs bath. My husband would take the den, kitchen, second bedroom and the downstairs bath. Why? Because I was radioactive. For me that meant, killing off the rest of my thyroid and any remaining cancer. For my husband to be near me meant it could affect his perfectly well working thyroid, his sterility and even cause potential threats of cancer in his healthy body. This was a chance we were not willing to take. 


Please read the guidelines at http://www.snmmi.org/AboutSNMMI/Content.aspx?ItemNumber=5609 very carefully. It is not worth the risk for you to be around anyone. It's not easy but it is doable. And one thing to note. You must flush the toilet at least twice after each use and wipe it down but don't use any kind of bleach products (like Clorox wipes). I learned after doing that for a day that bleach can actually make the radiation airborne. Yikes, we don't want that. 


I once again read other peoples experiences with RAI and quarantine. It is difficult for a people person like me to be isolated for a week but when I think of it in the grand scheme of things, it really is a short time. And, I have tried to make good use of that time alone to read, pray, and write about my personal journey with thyroid cancer. 

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