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Thyrogen Shot #1

September 13, 2017

My first Thyrogen shot was scheduled for September 13. As usual, I read the Thyrogen booklet they gave me at the endocrinologist office. I looked up Thyrogen online. I read other people's reactions and experiences with getting the shot. But nothing could have prepared me for this.


I got to the cancer care office at the SSM complex around 12:40 and checked in for my 1 pm appointment. Nice waiting room with other people there to receive infusions. It's interesting to note that there are many faces of cancer. Most of the people sitting in that waiting room (just like me) looked like they could have been going to work or out to lunch or to a social event. No one looked sick. 


A friendly nurse came to get me and escorted me through a couple of doors to the infusion room. Since I did not know what to expect, what I saw was very humbling. There was a room with two rows of recliners and a couple of recliners near the front. Each recliner had an IV holder and a computer next to it. The nurse who escorted me in said to pick whichever recliner I liked. I chose one looking outside to the courtyard. She took my vitals and then said an RN would be with me in a few minutes. As I looked around the room, I saw women and men receiving their chemotherapy infusions. Most were so friendly and talkative to their RN. I was so humbled by thinking about how these dear people have to do this over and over again to fight the cancer in their bodies. I was just here to get a shot. As I looked out the window through the window seal filled with little moving figures (you know those bobble headed kind of things), I thanked God that He was with me. I thanked Him for modern medicine and for giving doctors wisdom to find treatments for cancer. I thanked God that I was only there for a shot. 


The RN arrived and took me to a back room for the shot. It was given in the upper part of the gluteus maximus (the top part of your hip). We joked about which hip and I said it didn't matter because tomorrow, we would do the other hip. She chose the right hip. Kind of serendipitous since it was my right thyroid lobe that contained the cancer growth. Okay, all I had to do was remember that the next day, we go with the left hip.


I wasn't sure if I would experience nausea so I came straight home and waited for any side affects to manifest. I was a so tired and a bit wobbly, almost felt like I was drunk but all of that wore off around 10:30 am the next morning. I felt so blessed.  

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