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Those are my vocal chords?

September 12, 2017

Once the voice specialist had recorded my vocal chords in action, she showed me the video. Wow, I had no idea what those things looked like and it was amazing. To me, they looked like two white straws side by side. She explained that they sound comes from the vibrating of the vocal chords. My video showed that my right vocal chord was atrophied most likely from not working due to being bumped or damaged during my complicated thyroidectomy.  She also pointed out that the folds above the right vocal chord were swollen and irritated and she thought it might be due to acid reflux. 


The voice specialist told me that with time, it would most likely repair itself. What an amazing body God gave us. She then gave me a couple if handouts. One with vocal chord tips. Rest the voice, minimize social talking and no singing. Probably the hardest for me was no clearing my throat or coughing. Instead, I was to swallow. Yikes, I have been clearing my throat most of my adult life due to allergies but I could do this if it meant getting my voice back to normal. The other handout was for anti-reflux therapy. I really didn't think I had acid reflux because I didn't have any kind of burning sensation but she explained that I might not experience that but the irritation showed that something was irritating my throat. For the most part it was leaving off citrus fruits and drinks, tomato products, chocolate, mints, milk products, alcohol, carbonated beverages, tea and coffee. 


Since I was already on a low-iodine diet to prepare for RAI treatment (more about that in a future post), Most of this was not a problem. But coffee? Yikes!


The voice specialist said the report would be sent to my surgeon and that she would like to see me in a month. We scheduled an appointment for October 10. Yeah, I get to do it all again. 

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