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The Videostroboscopy exam

September 12, 2017

Based on what I was seeing from Google, a strobe was going to be placed down my throat after numbing it with a spray. I was not looking forward to this at all. Here is where you have to be careful what you read and how much you think you know about a procedure before you go. Sometimes, not knowing would be better.


The day of the exam, I went fully expecting to have my throat be numb for about 1/2 hour after the videostroboscopy. I will confess here that since it didn't matter what I ate before I went, I treated myself to a Culver's cheeseburger on a gluten free bun. You can probably tell by now, it is all about the comfort food for me. :)


The voice specialist took me into a room with recording equipment and had me speak into a microphone as she recorded my voice. The first few times were counting and then I had to read a paragraph to her. She asked me to speak in a normal tone and not try to stress my voice. Well, that wasn't so bad. Next, we went into a room with other equipment. I thought to myself, okay here it comes. She left the room for just a few minutes to get a small glass of water. I thought it was for me but she explained it was to keep the equipment wet. 


I braced myself as she took hold of the strobe. It was this long metal tube with a light on the end. Wait, she hadn't given me any numbing for my throat. I didn't know what to expect. She explained that I would open my mouth wide while she grabbed hold of my tongue with a gauze. She said she would hold onto my tongue as she recorded my voice saying the letter E. Okay but what about the numbing for my throat, I though. She then explained that she was only going to stick the strobe into my mouth about as far as you would stick a toothbrush. Well, that didn't sound so bad. I stuck out my tongue, she grabbed hold of my tongue and then stuck the strobe toward the back of my throat while I said E in a number of different ways. She was recording my vocal chords as I spoke. Now, I am one that does not gag so it worked for me not to have to have my throat numb but for some, it is the only way to get the recording. What happened next was pretty incredible.  

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