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When is my voice coming back?

September 11, 2017

As I mentioned earlier, I lost my voice after the thyroidectomy. I whispered from August 1 through September 10. It was very challenging because trying to communicate through a whisper was a lot of work. I had to push a lot of air up through my vocal chords to get anything out. 


I visited my surgeon on August 14 for a follow up and he was a little surprised at how little voice I had. The good news was that the scar was already healing nicely. There was a thickness to it and a bump on the left side. He told me to start massaging the area with body butter or some kind of very moisturizing lotion twice a day. The first time I did that was so weird. I hadn't seen that area of my neck for 13 days and certainly had touched it. It felt strange to touch in that area and at this time it was still pretty puffy and swollen. But, I did my do diligence and massaged it three times a day. Hey, I figure if two times was good three might be better. I also had read to keep that area out of the sun so I did cover it with a bandage when I was going for walks or out in the sun for any period of time. 


Back to my voice. The surgeon wanted to see me in a couple of weeks to see where my voice was at that time. We scheduled an appointment for August 28 and I continued to whisper. At this appointment, I was still whispering so the surgeon took a quick look down my nose and into my throat and was able to see that my right vocal chord was not moving. He then scheduled a Videostroboscopy exam. Hmm...what was that and how do you say it? The surgeon explained that this was a further test to video tape my vocal chords to see what was going on. I was given a packet of papers describing the advantages of the exam, where it would be given, how I needed to prepare and what I would do afterwards. The nurse at the surgeon's office said they would numb my throat and use a strobe to record my vocal chords. Well, that didn't sound like fun.


The surgeon also said that if my voice was not back by my next appointment (September 25), he would give me a cortisone shot in my vocal chord. I didn't like the sound of that at all and started praying for my voice to come back sooner rather than later. 


I continued to whisper until the evening of September 10 when talking to my husband. My voice was making a break through. It wasn't completely back but I was not whispering. Thank you, God!

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