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RAI (Radioactive Iodine) treatment

September 6, 2017

During my short stay at the hospital after the surgery, my endocrinologist told me that no surgeon on the face of the planet could remove every bit of the thyroid. That meant that whatever bits of thyroid remained in me might still be cancerous. He further explained that the way they get rid of the bits of thyroid left is through RAI (radioative iodine) treatment. 


Here is something else, I had no idea about. RAI is given to kill anything left of the thyroid. It's radioactive. It's going to be inside of me. That was some pretty scary stuff to think about. 


You have probably guessed by now that I started my Google search on RAI. What was it? How was it administered? What were the side affects? What did I have to do after the treatment?


If found quite a bit of information but not all of it was helpful. Again, be cautious with what you read because I found that not all of it was true. For example, I read in multiple different places how long quarantine would be after RAI. I read a lot about people symptoms. I gathered what I could but nothing seemed to satisfy my craving for knowledge about it and nothing seemed to same the same thing about quarantine. 


That is exactly why I want to journal my RAI treatment so you know from a patient perspective what it is like and what to expect. 

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