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Wherefore art thou, oh calcium

August 9, 2017

This stay in the hospital was much longer than my surgery stay. By the next day, I was starting to feel a little better after calcium infusions and taking massive amounts of calcium by mouth. Who knew that the hospital gives out Tums as calcium. Evidently, they are rich in calcium. Good to know. 


Once my hospital stay began, I was having blood drawn every 6 hours to see if my calcium levels were going up. They seemed to raise just a little on day two but the next morning I was feeling almost as bad as when I was in the ER. Overnight, my calcium levels had dropped again.


It is interesting to note that I was visited every day I was in the hospital by 3 doctors. The hospital doctor, someone from the surgeon's office and by my endocrinologist. They were all puzzled by why my calcium had dropped when having infusions and taking oral calcium. The orders were to give me more and so it was and the good news is that by day 3 my levels were starting to climb and I was beginning to feel a little better.


On day 3 of this stay, my endocrinologist stopped by to check up on me. He really did have a great bedside manner and was always great to explain things in a way I could understand them. He told me that our strategy was threefold: to get my calcium levels up, to get my energy levels up and to do RAI (radioactive iodine) treatment for the cancer. Note, at this point, he did no list dealing with the cancer as number one which he mentioned may sound odd. At this point, we were more concerned about my calcium levels than the cancer. 


By day 4, my levels had stayed the same since the end of day 3 and I was told that if they stayed the same overnight, I could go home the next day. Oh, how I prayed they stayed the same and they did. Thank God!


At this time, I still had the surgical strips on my incision. The plan had been to have them removed at the surgeons office the week after surgery. Since I was in the hospital, the surgeon removed them there. It was easy, breezy and the incision looked good. 


Side note: If you have never experienced being in a hospital, let me share that it is a great place to be taken care of medically but it is not the place to sleep. Between blood draws and vital checks and infusion changes and medicine deliveries, there was no time to rest. So, it was so good to get to go home.  

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