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Peace, sweet peace

May 19, 2017

After praying, crying, searching, asking and praying some more, I had peace about the surgery. A dear friend who has leukemia (and has been dealing with it for several years) met with me to talk about my diagnosis and possible surgery. She helped me see it from a different prospective than my own. She asked me what my husband thought about it. She helped me see that this was a blessing to find it and get rid of any nasty cancer that might be in my body. I will forever be grateful for her good counsel.


In my research and from what others were telling me, if I have to have cancer then thyroid cancer is the one to have. While that was somewhat reassuring, it did not change the fact that I most likely have cancer. Ick, that is a word I have thought would be in my vocabulary. So, if you are here reading this because you have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, then please understand that it is still cancer. And, you have every right to your feelings about it. Don't let anyone make light of what you are going through. Our feelings need to be validated. 


I'll share another story about how another friend helped my validate my feelings and understand them a little better. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He told me that it rocked his world when he found out. I know the feeling. Then, after praying and seeking, he did something that I think was so healthy and so healing. He made a list of his fears about having cancer on one side and a list of God's promises on the other. I did the same thing and it was wonderful. For each fear (lack of energy, living without my thyroid, possible downtime from career, possible side affects and even death), I was able to find a Scripture promise from God that He was with me. I encourage you to do the same and if you need help with finding some Scriptures, let me know and I will help you. That is what this is all about...helping one another through this season.  

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