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The needle biopsy results

April 19, 2017

As I mentioned earlier, my needle biopsy was on April 12. I received a call from the endocrinologist about a week later. It was good news and not so good news. 


He told me that the left thyroid nodule was benign. Great news! He also told me that the right thyroid nodule came back suspicious. What does that mean, I asked. He told me that they needed to test the cells longer to get a conclusive result. Well, I still wasn't sure what that meant but said OK, what do I need to do now? He told me that he would have to check with the lab to see if they had enough cells to continue the longer test. Evidently, this time the cells were being sent off to "cook" for a lot longer than before. He also said that if they did not have enough cells, I would need to come in for another needle biopsy. I immediately started asking God to make sure they had enough. I did not want to have another needle biopsy done. I also had others praying for me and God answered our prayers. They had enough cells! Yeah and thank you God!

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