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The needle biopsy

April 12, 2017

Today, I go for the needle biopsy of my left and right thyroid nodules. The testing is done on the largest nodules which I mentioned earlier were around 1" and on both sides.


Once again, the nurse was fantastic. She explained what was going to happen before the imaging doctor got there. She took vitals and had me change into a hospital gown. I think this was just to keep anything from getting on my own clothes. We then made small talk while we waited for the doctor to show up.


The doctor shows up after about 10-15 minutes to introduce himself and explain what he was going to do. He then told me that we would proceed when the people from the lab got there. It was a busy morning in the imaging center. 


The procedure started with a shot in my left nodule to numb it for the biopsy. Wow, that hurt more than I thought it would but I was glad to have it. After waiting just a few minutes, the doctor took a needle that was attached to his computer screen which guided him to the nodule in my left thyroid. For this one, I heard an eerie scraping sound (late I found out that the needle was passing over the cartilage in my larynx). Needless to say, not a pleasant sound. The cool and amazing thing about this is that the lab people were capturing the amount of cells he was getting from the biopsy. After just a couple of minutes to confirm they had enough (very important so you don't have to do this again), they gave me an injection in my right thyroid lobe and then proceeded to do the needle biopsy on that side. There were no side effects from the biopsy so I was ready to go home once we confirmed he got enough cells from the right side. Yeah!  

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