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Do You Have a Love Hate Relationship With Your Closet?

February 7, 2017

How often do you look at some of the clothes in your closet and wonder why they are there? Maybe, you just don’t feel like they represent the real you. Maybe, they don’t make you feel great when you wear them. Maybe, you just don’t know what to wear with it. Sound too familiar?


You are not alone. Most women struggle with having pieces of clothing they purchase just hanging in their closet day after day. Why is it so hard? What can be done about it?

First, let me tell you why it is so important that you get this. I too was a closet junkie. I love to shop and shopping is great but only if you buy pieces that really work for you. I went through a phase of buying things because they were on sale. Oops, not the right reason. Then I wound up with a lot of clothes that just hung in my closet. I even spent years carrying them from my closet to the basement for storage in off seasons. Wow, was that a lot of work and a lot of anxiety, too.


I have learned through my own experiences and from working with hundreds of women, that you have to get over your emotional attachment to clothes to create a closet where you can go to get dressed quickly. You need a closet full of clothes that make you Stunning & Stylish.



If you do have a love, hate relationship with your closet…read on and let me explain why you have clothes in your closet that just hang there and cause you stress. You know, the pieces that cause you to hate your closet. A cluttered, unworkable closet causes clutter in your mind. And, who needs that?

Let’s get to the heart of what is causing you stress in your closet. Here are the top 5 reasons you may hate your closet and what to do to create a workable closet you will love and one that will have you Stunning & Stylish.

  1. You saw someone else in that piece (blouse, dress, pants, jacket) and just loved it on them but then it just doesn’t feel right on you.

    1. You are not the same personal style as the person wearing the piece in your closet

    2. You need to know your personal style and then know what to wear

    3. You may not be the same shape as that other person and it just doesn’t look right on your body

    4. Knowing what helps balance out your horizontal and vertical shape will keep you from choosing those kinds of clothing

    5. Get rid of the piece, it is not creating the happy closet you want to visit


  1. You have changed sizes since you bought that piece

    1. I get that you want to get back into it but reality is that may not happen any time soon

    2. The best thing to do is get rid of the piece that doesn’t fit you…just let it go so you can enjoy going to your closet instead of agonizing that you are not that size any more

    3. If you insist on keeping that piece, then hang it in another closet so you don’t see it every day


  1.  You paid a lot of money for that piece

    1. It is hard to let go of expensive pieces but if it doesn’t fit, isn’t the right style and you don’t feel great in it, it needs to go

    2. Your peace of mind is worth far more than that piece of clothing that haunts you every day

    3. Find a consignment shop and try to recoup some of your money but if it doesn’t sell, donate it so someone else can use it


  1. You don’t feel great when you wear that piece

    1. We all have them in our closet, those pieces that just don’t flatter our figures or make us feel pretty

    2. They are just not your right color or the right style for you and your body

    3. Pieces like this should be released so that someone else will feel good in them


  1. You just can figure out what to wear with that piece

    1. You love the piece when you bought it and you still do

    2. It looks great on you and you feel like a million bucks in it but you can’t seem to find the right thing to go with it

    3. Get professional advice on these kinds of pieces because they are keepers

    4. A professional stylist can easily analyze your personal style and your body shape and help you pick out the perfect complement for that piece

    5. Then you will feel fabulous and be Stunning & Stylish each time you wear it


There really is no reason you can’t love your closet. It takes a no fear attitude to get rid of what doesn’t work for you. Get over the emotional attachment to your clothes and instead only have clothes in your closet that really work for your personal style and body shape.



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