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My first thyroid ultrasound

March 9, 2017

After seeing my primary doctor on March 7, my first ultrasound was scheduled for March 9. That was pretty quick, I thought. 


The ultrasound was pretty easy. I was in the imaging department of St. Clair Hospital and was treated very kindly but everyone involved. The nurse checked my vitals and then the imaging specialist came in. No need to change clothes which was a blessing because those hospital gowns are just not pretty. 


I was on a table with my head tilted back a little bit so she could have easy access to my neck. She explained what she was going to do and then all I had to do was be still. She ran the ultrasound wand over my left thyroid and I noticed she was pressing a key on her keyboard as she moved the wand around. Then she did the same thing on my right thyroid. Pretty easy and quick and I was ready to go home. The only side affect from the ultrasound was a sore neck from the pressure of the wand on my neck. So, all in all not a bad experience at all. 


Next, it was time to schedule an appointment with the endocrinologist that was referred to me by my primary doctor. This was another blessing from God because this doctor has a wonderful way of explaining things so us average people understand what is going on.  

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