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Stunning Style Shopping Experience

You will experience a sense of relief knowing your personal style and what to shop for. You will love learning what to wear as I hand pick pieces and outfits for you from a store or department that works for you. You will feel confident in knowing you are wearing what looks best on you and accentuates your positive features. You will love knowing you are making the best first and lasting impression possible. You will feel great when you get compliments from others.

Your session includes:

  • Personalized style consultation to find out your personal style based on your unique personality

  • Expert advice on where to shop and what to shop for based on your personal style and shape

  • Shopping experience in a store and department that works for your personal style

  • Being treated like a star as I pick out pieces and create outfits that that reflect your style personality and work for your shape including shoes & jewelry*

  • Learning what works for you and why and learning what doesn’t work for you and why as you try on clothes for me

  • Time to ask me questions about your personal style and what to wear

My clients tell me they spend so much time shopping to find pieces that work and they are amazed at how quickly we find pieces when we shop together.

Working with Donna Gamache is pure delight. From the first step – finding my primary and secondary styles – to actually shopping to create my perfect wardrobe, Donna provides insights, tips and ideas on how to make my fashions truly my own. Her upbeat attitude and gentle coaching make learning how to see yourself as the powerful person you were meant to be – easy. If you’ve never had a style coach, have no idea what looks best on you or you have but it’s been a while, I highly encourage  you to contact Donna. It can truly be life changing!” Liz Tanz


*Cost of clothing is not included in any package.