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Stunning Style  Makeover & Photo Session 

Boost your confidence by knowing your personal style and dressing from the inside out. You will never feel more confident about how you look and present yourself to clients, prospects, family and friends. Others will be attracted to your genuine presence; you will actually experience people being attracted to you because of it. You will experience a sense of knowing who you really are and how to dress as we uncover your personal style. You will feel more confident than ever before knowing you are wearing what really suits your personality and body shape.

You will be amazed as we shop for outfits that I hand pick for you from stores and departments that really work for your personal style. You will feel pampered as you get a new hairstyle and makeup from a local salon because your look is matched to your personal style and lifestyle. You are going to love having photos of your outfits to use when you dress. You will love when I style you for your professional photos.

Your session includes:

  • Personalized style consultation to find out your personal style based on your unique personality

  • Expert advice on where to shop and what to shop for based on your personal style and shape

  • Shopping experience in a store and department that works for your personal style*

  • Being treated like a star as I pick out pieces and create outfits that that reflect your style personality and work for your shape including shoes & jewelry*

  • Learning what works for you and why and learning what doesn’t work for you and why as you try on clothes for me

  • Time to ask me questions about your personal style and what to wear

  • Photos of your outfits for future reference

  • Business portrait session with me as your personal stylist

  • Hairstyle & makeup session included


My clients tell me they spend so much time shopping to find pieces that work and they are amazed at how quickly we find pieces when we shop together.

BONUS: You will receive the Stunning & Stylish Workbook for your personal style ($97 value). You will want to have this valuable tool that you can use over and over again as you shop and dress for your personal style and shape. The workbook is a valuable resource so you KNOW:

  • what kinds of clothing pieces to buy

  • what kind of shoes work best for your personal style

  • what are the accessories that fit your personality

  • what stores to shop

  • what departments to shop

  • what hairstyles work best for your personal style

  • what makeup application is best for you


“My makeover experience with Donna Gamache has been life-changing. Her knowledgeable direction and positive coaching helped me to identify the style that reflects my true self and showed me how to integrate that style into my wardrobe, accessories and hair. Stepping into my authentic style has given me a new-found freedom of expression, creativity and confidence. I feel that thanks to Donna’s expertise, I have elevated my professional image with a sophisticated sense of style—and that will be a catalyst for taking my business to the next level.” Cynthia Correll, www.CynthiaCorrell.com