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Grow Your Business

Before you can grow your business God's way, you have to feel confident in who you are in Him. Trust want God says about you. You are His beloved child. You are unique and you are one-of-a-kind. ​

It is only in this understanding of who you are, that you gain the confidence you need to grow a sustainable, successful business. God promises to give you what you need. 

God also created us to be in community. Asking and getting help with your business is the best way to see it grow. That is why it is important to be involved with a group of like-minded Christian Business Women on a regular basis. 

"I absolutely love my new look. People are telling me how professional I look...that I event look thinner. This gives me the confidence to build my business!"


Peggy Dunn

Professional Counselor

Gain confidence  to
grow your business!

Gain confidence  to
grow your business!

"My shopping experience with you has changed my wardrobe, but more importantly my self confidence and professional appearance. I hope many women will take that next step of taking care of themselves by investing in your services so they too can feel confident and content."

Sue Benefield


Be yourself without
question  or  apology!

Grow Yourself

Are you reflecting your God-given personality in the way you dress? I am not talking about fashion, I am talking about personal style. We each have one and I would love to help you bring who you are from the inside to the outside so you are the most bold, beautiful, confident and content woman on the face of the planet. 

From personal style consultations to full head-to-toe makeovers, I am here to help you reflect your beautiful self. There is nothing more magnetic than being who God made you to be from the inside-out. He made you to be Stunning & Stylish!

Visit my Stunning & Stylish page for more information and to book your session today. 

Christian Business WomAn,

 be the MOST Bold, Beautiful, Confident, Content
Woman on the Face of the Planet

Be Authenticly You!

"I love knowing my personal style and how to dress so that I am authentic at work and at home!"


Peggy Wunder-Moritz
Small Business
Implementation Specialist



Grow YourFaith


Learn to integrate who you are into every aspect of your life. Learn to be the same person at church, at work and anywhere else you go.

Acknowledge God as the CEO of your life and give Him the glory for all He gives you. Spend quality time with Him and in His Word every day.


Join a community of like-minded women who will motivate, inspire, and encourage you to be all you are meant to be. As the director of the Tapestry Network, St. Louis, I invite you to join us monthly to see how a sisterhood of believers can help you grow your faith.